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The Old Paulding Jail


Photos then and now.
Jail, Then Jail, Now

The Old Paulding County Jail is located at 112 S. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio, 45879. It was contracted to be built in 1874. There was no railroad passing through the town at that time, the cost of getting the stone and others materials was pretty great and more difficult and work had progressed rather slowly.  The building was not completed until 1876 at a cost of $25,000.
The basement is cut of limestone, above which are two stories of brick and stone trimmings. It was
constructed on the most modern and improved plans, and it was regarded as one of the most securest jails and most convenient sheriff's residences in northwestern Ohio.
The sheriff and their families lived at the jail until 1977 after which no other sheriff lived at the jail.
The jail operated and served the Village of Paulding until 2006 after which was used as County storage until 2013.

In 2013 the jail was set for demolition which caused public outcry within the residents causing the County to offer the jail up for sale. The Jail was then purchased by Jeff and Cassie Hollis of All Trades  Historical Restorations LLC. They began the restoration process of the building. During their work they discovered an area that had been bricked over in the basement and they started to remove this wall and found walkways and hidden cells. They uncovered what was thought to be lost evidence of the old unsolved murder case of Nancy Eagleson who was murdered over 50 years ago.  Their company being based in the state of Florida made it difficult to continue maintaining and restoring the property, so Jeff and Cassie offered the jail up for sale in March 2015. After viewing the jail with my group members and family, I (Shelly)purchased the jail in April 2015. It is our plan to restore the jail and give back to the community in way of having the jail serve as a museum featuring historical information about the jail, past sheriffs and cases with part of the jail serving as a paranormal research center as we have found this jail to be very paranormally active.