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Past Events

This is where you can read about some of our scheduled past events and investigations along with some of our findings.

Saturday October 4th, 2014
We will be investigating the Twin Cities Opera House in Ohio. More Info will be coming soon on this event.

Friday-Sunday September 12-14, 2014
Members of 187 P.I. will be attending this years Scarefest located in Lexington, Kentucky. If you are planning to go and see us wondering around feel free to come up and say hi to us! We love making new friends!

Scarefest is the largest Horror and Paranormal convention in the United States. You can find more info at www.thescarefest.com

Wednesday August 13th, 2014
We will be holding an all night private investigation at the famed Waverly Hills Sanatorium! We will report our findings at the conclusion of our investigation.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is considered to be one of the most haunted places here in the United States if not in the entire world!
It was home to many tuberculosis patients from the first small building that opened in 1910 to the massive rebuild of the gothic style building that stands today. The rebuilt massive building that stands today was opened in 1926 and housed tuberculosis patients until 1961. With the majority of the patients also finding Waverly Hills Sanatorium to
be their final resting place as many patients didn't survive the grueling experimental treatments. In 1962, the building reopened as Woodhaven Medical Services, a geriatric facility. Woodhaven Medical was closed by the state in 1980.

Saturday August 2 thru Wed August 6, 2014
Investigating Nebraska! We will be in the Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Saturday July 19, 2014
We will be holding our annual BBQ and get together from 2:00 pm until ? in Scott, Ohio.

Saturday June 21, 2014
Members of 187 P.I. will be attending The Paranormal Awards and Paracon in Manchester, New Hampshire which is the single largest paranormal awards system in the world and is Hosted by the famed CC Carole. 187 P.I.'s Very own Shelly has been nominated for an award for picture of the year!

You can find out more about this event at http://www.theparanormalawards.com

May 19 thru May 24, 2014
Investigating South Carolina. We were in Charleston, Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

Wednesday April 30, 2014
We have a private investigation in Ottawa, Ohio.

Sunday April 20, 2014
Private investigation at a Cemetery located in Ohio.

Friday & Saturday April 18 & 19, 2014
Private residential investigation located in Van Wert, Ohio

Willshire Cemetery, Willshire, Ohio March 2014
You can find the link to the video by clicking here

The details of the investigation are as follows:
I must start this research with some items of my own. I am going to go into depth with you all regarding this investigation as when you view our footage you most likely will have some of the same questions as we did and I will tell you what I found. There are so many ghostly pictures within out footage and documentation that I will not be able to include it all within just one video.
First of all I was drawn to this cemetery to conduct this investigation. I also noticed it was a very old cemetery and allot of people buried here were young people (16 years old and younger) dating from the late 1800s which prompted me to figure out why there were so many young people who died in this area during this time period. This was intriguing to me so I decided to do a quick history search of this area. This is when I found during research there was an out break of cholera which caused many many deaths during this time period. I was satisfied with that research finding and started planning the investigation. Little did I know at the time there would be much more to the story.
This investigation was conducted at the Cemetery located in Willshire, Ohio which is situated in Van Wert County on March 19th, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. There had been light rain in the very early morning hours. The temperature outside was 50 degrees, the barometric pressure was 29.68 in, the winds were sw at 13.8 mph and the lunar phase was in waning gibbous. The sun
was shining with very little clouds seen over head. The on location part of the investigation was conducted by Toby and myself (Shelly) and the Historical Data regarding this investigation was researched by Toby and myself.
Upon arriving at the Cemetery, I was immediately drawn to a particular area where I found many of the grave stone's dates and names were no longer legible. It appeared to be the oldest part of the cemetery. The oldest gravestone in this cemetery as far as I can tell was from 1835. There could be older ones as I stated some of the inscriptions were worn away. I had a very strong sense that we were not alone. The ground was unusually squishy. We got one emf meter spike in this area. We got one evp where it sounds like some type of music coming from a whistle or a pipe type of instrument. There is a small patch of wooded area running along the side and back of this cemetery and a stream of water I had thought to be a creek.
I had noticed a haziness along the trees which was not produced from the sunlight, nor was it fog rising off the creek.
After conducting the investigation and returning home to go through all the pictures, video footage, evp recordings and other data, I found some very peculiar things. I noticed most of the things we captured was within the trees and stream line that runs along the side and behind the cemetery. The ghost captures were also in the mid way to tops of the trees, not just near the ground. With only a few captures within and around trees inside the perimeters of the cemetery. It appeared to me almost like those ghosts didn't want or couldn't come into the actual cemetery? This was strange to me. All this of course caused me to have many more questions. I had to find out what happened on this land and in this area as something much more than an outbreak of Cholera happened here. So Toby and myself researched the historical data to find the answers to some of my questions and possibly prove what all my footage signified.
Ok, there is a ton of information surrounding this area of Willshire, Ohio along with the whole County of Van Wert, I will keep it as short as possible. This area was Indian territory as was much of Ohio. It appears to us that the stream that runs behind the cemetery was once the St Marys river as indicated on a map we have obtained from the County Court House dating clear back from the late 1700's to the early 1800's.
Indian trails also went through this area. The area was abundant in beavers, which back in that time period beaver fur was highly valuable and a very profitable commodity not only in the monetary sense but also for trading for other goods and wares. As you can imagine when the settlers came to Ohio they of course wanted to stake claims to the land that was already inhabited by several different tribes of Indians.
The Indians did welcome the settlers and did give them some land and things went somewhat peacefully for a while. However, there were struggles between the different Indian tribes for power over lands and the settlers also wanted more land than they were given by the Indians which of course caused many wars and lots of bloodshed over these lands. This went on for some time.
So now lets skip ahead just a little bit, and focus on Willshire, Ohio, keep in mind many things happened and without making this a full blown history lesson for you all, which I have obtained all the information to, I will just tell you the highlights of my findings to try and keep it somewhat short.
Before Willshire, Ohio became Willshire, it was inhabited and controlled by the Miami Indian tribe. The Miami Indian tribe was one of the most powerful tribes of the Midwest. They were also negotiators and would side with whom they felt was in the right. They had allies in other Indian tribes as well as with the white man. They were also a tribe that was set apart from other Indian tribes as they would eat their prisoners. That practice was eventually phased out. In the early days the Indians in this area didn't bury their dead. They were either hung from the trees or placed upon a scaffold they built. It was later when the Indians were introduced to Christianity that they began to bury their dead.
To keep this short and simple, but believe me there were many things involved, back in 1818 a treaty known as the St. Mary's treaty was signed by the US govt and the Miami Indian tribe as well by other different Indian tribes. This treaty basically was the relinquishing of the lands by the Indians. The Indians were however given goods and a yearly monetary amount for signing the treaty and giving up the land to the US. Also within this treaty it allowed the Indians to have two reserves of land which were in Van Wert, County. One of which was called the John B. Richardville Reserve. The Richardville Reserve was located in what was later platted in 1821 as Willshire, Ohio.
Willshire, Ohio is documented to have been founded by Capt. James Riley, in 1821 and named for William Willshire. Now I have not as of yet been able to find out the information as to how Capt. James Riley obtained this area of land from the Miami Indians as it was granted the John B. Richardville reserve back in 1818 through the signing of the St. Mary's treaty. The only information I have found  so far was that Riley began clearing up the land and erecting his mills and in 1822 actually laid out the town. So, did Capt. James Riley take this land by force? Certainly I would speculate that if the Miami Indians had given this reserve of land up willingly there would have been more documentation on it as with all the other treaty's that were signed relinquishing land. I would also speculate that being I have not been able to find any information on how Capt. Riley obtained this land that it is something that is not talked about. But, I will keep searching until I either find the answer or come to a complete dead end.
All the history behind this land and area along with all of the bloodshed has a few options for me to consider as to why all these ghosts are lingering along the trees and stream. Could the ghosts be that of the Indians guarding their land? As they did struggle to keep the lands along the rivers. Is this wooded area along what used to be a river the site of a massacre and takeover between the Miami Indians and Settlers? Are these trees the burial place of the Miami Indians from the 17 and early 18oo's? Are the ghosts along the trees and streams of the settlers who may have died trying to take over the land? At the conclusion, I find a little bit of all the above that I have mentioned to be at play here and this area I have found to warrant additional investigations and research.
Haunted? Indeed.


Saturday & Sunday April 12 & 13, 2014
Members of 187 P.I. attended the ScareFest road Trip that was held in Springfield Illinois. We had a fantastic time and met some new friends!! You can click on the photos and they will open in a new window for a larger view.

Here you see our hearse and some of our friends.
You can get more info about this event by clicking here http://scarefestcon.com/scarefest-road-trip/