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Investigating The Unknown
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Equipment We Use

This is a list of equipment we use when we conduct a Ghost hunt or a Ghost investigation.  We may also use other pieces of equipment not listed here. We may or may not use every piece of equipment on each particular case.

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor --This piece of equipment is also known as an electromagnetic field detector. It is helpful in locating electromagnetic fields that have no obvious source. It is said that an alert from this meter could mean that you have Ghost activity in the area especially after you have exhausted all other possible energy sources.

Inferred Temperature Gun --This thermometer is inferred non contact laser sighted which is pretty accurate in recording temperature drops. Just point and shoot. It takes temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The Orbitor Listening Device --This listening device is helpful during an investigation to amplify sounds when connected to a digital voice recorder it enables to possibly catch evps louder and a little more distinctive.

Digital Camcorder with Night vision --This device is most helpful in capturing videos during our investigations as anomalies not seen with the naked eye can sometimes be captured as well as anomalies we can see with our eyes. Inferred night vision capabilities is a must for investigating at night or in dark conditions.

Digital Voice Recorder --This piece of equipment is used during evp sessions to try and capture voices that can't be heard by our ears and record voices on occasion that can be heard by our ears.

Wireless Anti-Spy RF Signal Detector --This is a very useful piece of equipment as it can prove when we have captured an anomaly that we did not manufacture it with any such hidden devices. It can also  help us to determine if a possible anomaly was caused by a man made source.

Trail Cameras --This piece of equipment is motion activated with night vision capabilities and is helpful when set up and left to monitor an area that has reported paranormal sightings.

Digital Cameras with Inferred Night vision --This piece of equipment is very important in capturing paranormal images that sometimes can't be seen with the naked eye.

Portable Wireless Cameras and DVR and Monitor --This piece of equipment is helpful in setting cameras up in areas reported to have paranormal activity as it will recorded an area non stop while investigating another area.

Mel Meter --This piece of equipment is a emf reader and temp gun all in one, very useful to capture temp drops at the same time it detects emf to indicate possible Ghost activity.

Spirit Box --This piece of equipment works by utilizing a milli-second adjustable forward or reverse frequency technique coupled with a proprietary high frequency noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps actually enabling you to speak to Ghosts in real time and hear the response in real time.