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Ghost Hunting Info

First off I would like to say that people who have no experience in ghost hunting and investigations should first attend some training, read books and go with experienced people in the field or join an established group before going out on your own. It is not advisable to go out ghost hunting or trying to conduct an investigation with no knowledge on what you're doing as you could encounter unknown dangers.

The are a couple different definitions to consider. One being a Ghost hunt, which is going to a place that has had no reported paranormal activity or no ghost sightings and trying to capture pictures, evps or videos of ghosts.
The other is a Ghost investigation, which is going to a place that is known to be haunted and has eyewitness reported sightings and  or other evidence and taking interviews of such reports and recording data using various equipment to include pictures, videos temperatures, sound recordings and emf readings and analyzing the data to prove or disprove the haunting.

You should not investigate or ghost hunt alone due to safety reasons. If you happen to get hurt you may need someone to call for help. If you happen to capture an anomaly it is also better to have witness accounts as well.
You should always get permission from property owners to conduct a hunt or investigation as trespassing on private property could result in authorities being called and issuing you a fine.
It is said the best times to conduct a ghost hunt is between 9pm and 4am but in my opinion it is possible to capture evidence at all different times of the day and night.

Things you need to conduct a hunt or investigation include some of the following items, however you could also use other items as well. This is a very basic list.

1.) A Notepad and pen for recording data such as time, location, list of equipment you are using and any data that would be helpful when you review your findings such as when recording a evp, someone coughs or sneezes which could affect the outcome of your evidence. It is important to record the times of any and all incidences.

2.) A Digital and 35 millimeter camera with night vision capabilities are also very helpful to take pictures of the location as sometimes what can not be seen with the naked eye will be caught on film. I usually take at least three pictures of any one shot so that I can compare frames in the even that something is caught on film.
3.) A flashlight for obvious reasons as navigation when conducting a hunt or investigation in the dark.
4.) A thermometer and I use the inferred non contact type as they can quickly gauge a temperature drop. It is said that cold spots and temperature drops could indicate the presence of a ghost.

5.) A electromagnetic field detector, also known as an emf reader. This piece of equipment is very important for ghost hunting as is possible to locate and track energy sources that have no source.