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Photo and Video Gallery

This page is where you can read about some of our previous investigations and view pictures and videos. We have collected some pretty good evidence that Ghosts are a probable possibility.
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This investigation was at the Thomas House in Tennessee. Members of 187 P.I. joined Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends and a crew member from T.A.P.P.S. The thomas House is a very old and Haunted Hotel where we spent the entire night.


This investigation was at Black Moon Manor in Indiana. Members of 187 P.I. Joined the group Paranormal State to conduct an investigation. It was interesting and a great experience to investigate with them.
At the time of the investigation, it was said that Black Moon Manor was built in 1862 and was used as a hospital for people who had suffered from small pox which tragically caused over 200 deaths. The deceased patients were buried in the back yard of the property. Paranormal activity reported at Black Moon Manor included disembodied voices, apparitions and being touched. Black Moon Manor has been torn down some time after our investigation due to some personal reasons of the owner.