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About Us
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187 P.I. is short for 187 Paranormal Investigations. The "187" is the code for law enforcement meaning death, murder or homicide.

We are a group of individuals who investigate the paranormal in search of the evidence that proves it does or does not exist using scientific methods. We do not involve religious beliefs as we investigate on a scientific mindset and level. We try to exhaust as many probable possibilities as to why a certain event or anomaly occurs. It may also take more than one investigation of any one particular place to be precise and certain of our findings.

We currently have a central location where we study the paranormal and conduct research and experiments on a regular basis.

There are things we don't do as an investigative team. We don't rely our finding on feelings alone. We don't perform exorcisms, cleansings or bless dwellings, people, properties or perform any type of religious rituals.

If you have a location you believe to be haunted and need assistance in determining if you have paranormal occurrences happening, please, by all means click the link  " Need an Investigation? and we will review your case and possibly schedule an investigation  as we investigate many regions in the United States.